To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Escape Room - Quest for the Throne


60 Minute Game


You were born into a Royal family and it is your birthright to assume the Throne upon the King's death, but your evil younger

brother has exiled you from the Kingdom.

You will have 60 minutes to find proof of your birthright, to capture the throne as yours and become ruler of the kingdom.

3-8 people $35/person

**NOTE:  this game is a great option if you are celebrating a birthday. We also have a kids version of this game**

Recommend 3-4 people - Expert players (played 20+ games)

Recommend 4-6 people - Intermediate (played 3-15 games)

Recommend 6-8 people - Beginner (played none-2 games)


Escape Room-Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

45 Minute Game


You are surviving in an apocalyptic land.  The human race is being wiped out by the XT-28 virus, which is deadly and spreading rapidly.


There is a Scientist who created the only known cure for XT-28, but he has mysteriously disappeared  and you and your fellow survivors have just contracted XT-28 and have 45 minutes to sneak into his lab, find his secret formula, all the ingredients, make  the antidote for yourselves before you are taken by this deadly virus! 

2-5 people $30/person

**NOTE: this game has moments of loud noises-this is a more advanced game and not recommended for kids under 13 years of age, unless they are playing with adults**

Recommend 2-3 people - Expert players (played 20+ games)

Recommend 3-5 people - Intermediate (played 6-15 games)

Recommend 5 people - Beginner (played none-5 games)



60 Minute Game


The Zombie Apocalypse has finally happened! You've been able to survive in your small community so far.  It is your job to collect necessary supplies in order to survive. There is an abandoned compound not too far away that you need to search through for any supplies your community could use. Rumor has it that food and weapons have been spotted there, including the highly sought after twinkie.  However evidence of zombie walkers have been seen around this compound as well - caution must be used.

You and your team will split up to cover more ground, make sure you have something to carry any supplies you find back with you so they are not contaminated, don't lose anyone and don't get bit!

4-10 people $35/person

**NOTE: players must be OVER 4ft tall to play this game. 

This game has haze/fog effects.**

This game is Scary and has actors

Children under 16 years of age, must have at least 2 participating adults with them for this game.

Recommend 4-6 people - Expert players (played 20+ games)

Recommend 6-8 people - Intermediate players (played 6-15 games)

Recommend 6-10 people - Beginner players (played none-5 games)

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The Curse of KV62

60 Minute Game


You are in the Valley of Kings and are exploring tomb KV62 when the curse of the Pharaoh's has invoked and sealed off the entrance. You will have to navigate through the tomb and find another way out.

2-8 players $35/person

Recommend 2-4 people - Expert players (played 20+ games)

Recommend 3-6 people - Intermediate (played 6-15 games)

Recommend 4-8 people - Beginner (played none-5 games)



90 Minute Game


Vampires were once eradicated years ago by a famous vampire hunter.  However as the moon rises red, the evil "V" has returned.  Are you brave enough to come face to face with "V" and destroy him once and for all?

NOTE:  this is our most difficult game and not recommended for kids under 14 without participating adults

4-8 players $40/person

Recommend 4-6 people - Expert players (played 20+ games)

Recommend 5-7 people - Intermediate (played 6-15 games)

Recommend 6-8 people - Beginner (played none-5 games)


Stuck in the 80s


Take a trip down memory lane in this fun 80s themed party adventure


6 million BC


The dinosaur age is ending, your species must evolve in order to survive the impending ice age.