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What is an Escape room?

Escape rooms are a live action experience where two ore more players solve puzzles, discover clues, and accomplish tasks with the main purpose being to escape from a themed room in a limited amount of time, usually 60 minutes. Escape rooms require teamwork, communication, attention to detail and lateral thinking, and they create excitement, engagement, competition, and fun. We will offer customers the opportunity to discover their team potential in a fun and an engaging way.

Who is Locked Adventures?

We are an Escape room entertainment center in North County San Diego, CA providing the next generation of Escape rooms  by creating an immersive environment along with technology to enhance the overall experience.

Our facility allows us to provide multiple adventure choices and the ability to host corporate meetings, team building events,  etc. which can accommodate larger groups.

Locked Adventures was founded by Jim Norkus Jr.  We operate out of San Marcos, CA located in North County San Diego.

Jim and his wife, Christine, both have an extensive background in Information Technology in addition to many decades of building and running haunted houses and event planning. Their passion for creating immersive scenes combined with their IT background allows Locked Adventures to deliver cool innovative escape rooms that will delight your senses and take you on an "adventure".

Our primary focus is the player experience - we want you to have fun! 


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